Solstice Malt

Our Story

At Solstice Malt, our story begins with a deep-rooted appreciation for the art of traditional malting and a desire to create exceptional malt for local breweries and distilleries. Our founder, James, is a passionate advocate for the time-honored techniques of floor malting. Known for his ever-present coating of malt dust, James has dedicated himself to mastering the craft and delivering a product that truly stands out in terms of flavor, character, and quality.

We are also proud of our role in connecting farmers and brewers, and cherish those relationships--understanding that it's these connections that allow us to produce such outstanding malt. It's a cycle of trust, quality, and local pride that results in remarkable beers and a stronger community.

Sustainability is one of our key values and at the core of who we are. We understand the importance of preserving our beautiful Utah landscape for generations to come. That's why we're committed to environmentally friendly practices throughout our malting process. From responsible water usage to minimizing waste, we're constantly working towards reducing our ecological footprint. With Solstice Malt, you're not just brewing better beer, you're contributing to a better future.

James Weed, of Solstice Malt, holding a handful of malt

The Craft Malt Difference

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Enhanced Flavor

Craft malt is known for its distinct flavors that can add depth and complexity to a beer or spirit. Maltsters who use traditional methods and small batches can create unique and flavorful malt that can help differentiate a product from others in the market.

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Sustainable Agriculture

We focus on using locally sourced grains that are grown using sustainable agriculture practices. This not only reduces the carbon footprint but also supports our local farmers and communities.

James pouring malt into a mash tun at a distillery

Innovation & Responsiveness

We often experiment with different grains and malting techniques, which can lead to innovative and unique products. This allows brewers and distillers to create new and exciting flavors that can set them apart from their competitors.

Discover how our craft malt can elevate your beer or spirit by exploring our range of exceptional products.

Our Process

  • James peering into a large steep tank


    The labor-intensive process of floor malting begins by soaking the grains for several days. This brings the grain up to the ideal moisture percentage to kickstart germination.

  • James spreading malt on the floor using a malt barrow


    When ready, the grain is spread onto a concrete floor where the germination process can begin. Germination activates enzymes important for brewing and starts breaking down the starches.

  • the germination floor, covered in malt


    On the floor, the grain is carefully monitored, and the grain must be turned regularly by hand to ensure even germination and avoid the buildup of heat.

  • James's wife shoveling malt in the kiln


    Once the grain has reached the ideal point in germination, it's loaded one shovel-full at a time into the kiln. Here, the heat stops the germination process and locks in the enzymes and sugars necessary for brewing.

  • James standing in front of an antique grain cleaner


    Once the grain has been thoroughly dried, it's time to remove it from the kiln and run it through specialized machinery that removes the rootlets, and any damaged grains.

What's on Tap

We're proud to be a part of the local brewing community, and nothing makes us happier than seeing our artisanal malts in action. Here are many of the local breweries and distilleries we've worked with. Or, if you're a home brewer, you'll find our malt in Utah's best home brew stores.

denotes a brewery or distillery has been certified by the Craft Maltsters Guild for their support of craft malt and the grain to glass initiative.

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